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Save 25% on fuel see below

Marine Engines - Mercruiser Engines
7 Year - 500 Hour Warranty

Read below about horsepower and fuel economy

before you buy your next MARINE engine

We don't just rebuild engines we make them better than your factory's engine. When it comes to engine rebuilding you will not find a better company to buy your replacement marine engine, truck engine or cars engine. We build engines to last longer and produce maximum horse power while increasing fuel economy.

We redesigned three marine engine to produce more horsepower and torque at the same time saving around 25% on fuel usage guaranteed.

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 U.S. ENGINES has built engines for a long time. Through out the years we tested and tested our engine to be the best and last the longest. All our engines have more horsepower over your factory's engine and will use far less fuel.

The factory's build their engine the way they believe will not damage their other parts to get past the warranty time. There is nothing wrong with that but the older engines do use to much fuel and lack power.

That leaves all those old engines that suck fuel and lack power especially in marine applications. When U.S. ENGINES builds your engine we give that engine more power and torque than your factory's engine ever had. We know you like boating, now with one of our engines you will love it. There is nothing better than more horsepower in your boat.

Now when you purchase one of our engines you will know you got the very best because we make your new engine more powerful and last much longer.

Our warranty is 7 years since 1986 and you will be pleased to know U.S. ENGINE was thee first engine company to offer this warranty, the rest just followed.

 When you buy from U.S. ENGINE its good to know your buying from the leader. We are not trying to be the biggest just the best one engine at a time, your engine.

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