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Buy the best quality rebuilt-marine engines from US Engine Inc.
Enjoy the most powerful ride on your boat with the rebuilt marine engines from US Engine Inc. The company has been serving an extended customer base across USA and Canada for decades and is one of the most trusted names in re-build marine engine suppliers. So, if you are not happy with the present performance of your boat, or think it is consuming higher fuel, it is the time you should opt for a re-build marine engine from US Engine. The re-built engines from the company are re-designed and added with new parts in order to ensure that they are able to offer even better performance than the new factory made engines. So, enjoy better horsepower while spending less on fuel, with the re-built engines from the company.

US Engine Inc. maintains an extensive collection of marine engines, so irrespective of the type of engine you are looking for you can always get the item of your choice in their workshop. The company builds 4.3 marine engines that are able to give around 50 more horse power over the factory built new engines. These engines also consume less fuel ensuring less environmental impact. If you are looking for 350 marine engines, US Engine is the place where you can find them. The company re-builds the 300hp marine engines, to offer more horsepower while consuming less fuel. The 454 marine engines with 330 horse power are not efficient as per as fuel consumption is concerned; the 454 marine engine with 400 horse power re-built by the company can actually offer the best fuel efficiency as well as the best marine riding experience.

The 383 stroker marine engine is a unique hybrid product offered by US Engine. This engine is made from two different engines, the Chevy 350 and the Chevy 400. The crankshaft of Chevy 400 engine is fitted into the Chevy 350 engine, which ensures a longer stroke. In this engine, 350 rods are used along with uniquely designed pistons. Parts like the cylinder heads, timing gears, camshafts and valves of Chevy 350 are used. The 383 stroker has a higher torque and offers maximum horsepower while consuming minimum fuel.

The company houses a team of highly experienced and accomplished engineers who ensures not only the best make but also the best performance of every engine sold through their outlet. Every engine is tested rigorously before they are delivered to the customers. So, if you have been looking for a more efficient marine engine, call the customer care service of US Engine Inc. at 1-206-405-0335; you can also visit their official website at  


In case of any query regarding the engines, please call us at, 1 800 542 3211.



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Best oil to use in marine engines is 10-30 racing oil.
This oil has zinc added your engine will last longer.
Zinc makes oils stick to your engine parts.
Don't use racing oils with converters.