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7 Year - 70,000 Mile Warranty

Change your old boat engine with fuel efficient rebuilt engines from
Are you worried of the high fuel consumption of your boat engine? Then the time for giving it a change might have arrived. In case you are delaying the process of buying a new engine for your boat to save on money, be informed, that in this way you are actually spending more. First of all, the old engine is sure to consume much more fuel while offering less horsepower. In addition to that the worn out engine is sure to produce more vibration which can be really damaging for the other parts of your boat. So, add the cost of more fuel and repairing of the other boat parts, and you will know why you are actually spending more money by not replacing your old boat engine.

So, if you have finally decided to make the replacement quick, here is the good news for you. You do not need to spend a lot on a company manufactured marine engine. U.S. Engine Inc. has come up with their high quality rebuilt marine engines that can efficiently meet with any type of marine needs. These engines produce maximum horsepower while offering the best fuel economy. The company claims that the rebuilt engines sold from their counter are able to provide higher horsepower along with fuel efficiency than the company made brand new ones.

No manufacturer tunes their marine engines to the maximum efficiency just to ensure that the other parts are able to last through the period of warranty. They tune the efficiency of an engine to a moderate level just to strike a balance between different factors. The rebuilt marine engine sold by U.S. Engine Inc. are tuned to their maximum efficiency which enables them to deliver the maximum power along with lower fuel consumption rate. The engines sold by the company are claimed to save as much as 25% more fuel than any new marine engines.

U.S.Engine has been in this business for decades and the company has served to a wide base of happy customers in this span. Every engine sold through their counters is well tested and completely reliable for their designated applications. In order to give the users the peace of mind all the marine engines of U.S.Engines including the import engines come with warranty of 7 years. You can check the total collection of marine engines available with the company on their website at or call on their customer care number at 1 800 542 3211.          





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Best oil to use in marine engines is 10-30 racing oil.
This oil has zinc added your engine will last longer.
Zinc makes oils stick to your engine parts.
Don't use racing oils with converters.