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US ENGINE --- Offering High Quality Marine Engines and Engine Up gradation Services 
When it comes to the marine boats, the engine makes the heart of it. Does not matter how good and healthy your boat looks, unless it has an efficient engine that work with ease you are going to miss all the fun. So, having a marine engine that is highly efficient and can offer actually what it is expected to, is vital for the marine boat owners. However, many marine engines suffer from the issue of less efficiency and less speed. These engines do not only end up with consuming high fuel but also fails to give the real speed and feel of marine boating, and this is where some professional assistance can be of real help. When it comes to the marine engines, the name of US ENGINE rightfully comes at the forefront. This company has been serving the customers of the US market for years and has maximum marine engine installation experience.

Specialty of Marine engines from US ENGINE
The company re-builds marine engines of high quality enabling them to offer the best fuel efficiency. Marine engines from US ENGINE can save you money on fuels and can give you back the thrill of boating with maximum horsepower. The re-built marine engines at US Engine comes with new pistons, new valves, new rings, new timing set, new rockers, new springs, new push rods, lifters, bearings and new brass made freeze plugs. So, while changing your factory-made engine with a refurbished product from US Engine you can be actually rest assured about getting the best performance from your engine.

The different marine engines offered
The 4.3 marine engines from the company comes with 50 more Horsepower and uses much less fuel, which can actually in time give you enough savings for a new marine engine. You can also replace your 305 marine engines with 350 marine engines to enjoy better fuel efficiency and speed. For the replace you will also have the option of selecting between 12 bolt intake manifold and 8 bolt intake manifolds. The 350 marine engines, with 300 hp-320hp - 350hp, can save as much as 25% fuel. If you are already using a 350 marine engine and looking for even a better performance, the company can replace it with a 383 Striker Marine Engine. US Engine is also specialized on the highly powerful 454 marine engines. However, they strictly recommend their customers to buy 454 marine engines with 400 horse power, and not with 330 horsepower. Because the later variant uses much more fuel, and can be a pain for the pocket of the owner.  

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Best oil to use in marine engines is 10-30 racing oil.
This oil has zinc added your engine will last longer.
Zinc makes oils stick to your engine parts.
Don't use racing oils with converters.