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Marine Engines
7 Year - 500 Hour Warranty
Domestic Engines
7 Year - 70,000 Mile Warranty
Import Engines
7 Year - 70,000 Mile Warranty

Rebuilt Marine Engine With More Horsepower Guaranteed
Marine Engines are quite different from general engines as far as horsepower and tenacity is concerned. It is thus quite mandatory to understand the requirement of your boat or the marine vehicle to be particular and choose the one that suits your requirement, perfectly. From gasket to engine tin and all parts, play major roles in making the marine engine powerful and long lasting. While people generally prefer to go for brands, there are some companies that can make things better than big brands. US Engine INC is one such company with expertise is rebuilt marine engine.

What is rebuilt marine engine?
When somebody talks about rebuilt marine engine, the first thing that comes to mind is something that is refurbished. However, that is not the fact. Here, all the parts that are used for making the engine are new. The best of all brands are combined to produce one. That way the engine becomes stronger and more efficient than any one engine. That is where the expertise of US Engine lies. The 350 marine engine and the other marine engines come with a warranty of 7 years or 70,000 miles which is spectacular for any such engine. Around 25% of the fuel usage is curbed by these engines.

The US engine engines are built in the factory location and can be shipped to the place where the boat is located. Doorstep service is also provided in the specific area. 4.3 marine engines are special as far as the performance and torque is concerned. They are powerful than most of other marine engines though the buyer has to verify if it is suitable for their vehicle or not. These engines have 50 more horse power compared to factory engines. The engines are tested well before they can be shipped to people.

US Engine is not a dealer of Marine engine but manufacturer. It is a company that rebuilt engine to provide the best power and service. The torque is high and the performance is higher. If you can use the engine you can save a lot of money on fuel too. You can check the price of the engine by calling the customer care number, 1 800 542 3211. The customer care executive will be there to help you regarding the choice and the shipping process. You can also visit the website for more information.





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Best oil to use in marine engines is 10-30 racing oil.
This oil has zinc added your engine will last longer.
Zinc makes oils stick to your engine parts.
Don't use racing oils with converters.