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Top 3 Benefits of Rebuilding Your Marine Engines

Your boat just screeched to a halt in the middle of the water and what you learn next comes as a shock to you. The engine is no longer going to work and you cannot afford to buy a new boat. While engine replacement is one option your mechanic suggests, rebuilding your 350 Marine Engine can be a more economical and smarter choice.

Why Rebuild Your Engine?

You would be surprised to know that more people now prefer rebuilding their boat and vehicle engines than buying a new boat or replacing that old engine. Many people don't realize the benefits of rebuilt engines. However, the truth is that rebuilt 4.3 marine engines could be exactly what you require and suits your needs. More and more boat owners now realize the advantages of rebuilt engines.

1. Longer Lifespan

A rebuilt engine means that all aspects of the engine have been inspected and that there are several new parts in it too. Rebuilding will help in extending the life of the engine. The mechanic can also determine the lifespan of such an engine based on the components that were replaced and the amount of work done on it.
Typically, rebuilt marine engines can last for many more years. As long as your boat is in great shape, a rebuilt engine can help you get many more miles out of it. Usually, the mechanics working on your engine will give you warranty on how long it can last.

2. Reduced Scrap Added to Environment

Rebuilding your boat’s engine is also a ‘green’ choice. Because you will not be discarding the engine but reusing it, you are preventing the metal from being added to scrap. You could never be sure where the discarded engine will end up being.

3. Ride Benefits

Rebuilding Maine Engines can also provide so many benefits to your ride. It is not just the financial perks. The engine will generate more power when it is restored. This is because the mechanics will restore its original engine compression. All engines required buildup of pressure inside to generate the desired power. It is always a great thing to find renewed power in your marine engine.
Whichever type of engine you may have, if you want it to be rebuilt by the experts, it is recommended to get help from U.S. Engine Inc. Give us a call at 1-206-405-0335 to discuss what we can do to your marine engine or you may visit us at





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Best oil to use in marine engines is 10-30 racing oil.
This oil has zinc added your engine will last longer.
Zinc makes oils stick to your engine parts.
Don't use racing oils with converters.